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Small Nail Dryer Egg Shape 6W UV LED Lamp Single Finger

Small Nail Dryer Egg Shape 6W UV LED Lamp Single Finger

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To prevent nail paint from smudging, you got to keep your hands static and away from other things for a few minutes.

End this long trouble of being extra careful after applying nail polish and keep your hands beautiful with straight and smooth nail paint by drying them quickly in this SMALL LED Nail Dryer Egg.

This tool dries up your nail paint in seconds at your home and ensures to use your hands straight away.

What you’ll get:

  • Quick nail paint drying: 3 LED lights of this dryer create a hot temperature. When you keep the finger on the soft silicone button, your nail directly receives heat, and your nail paint gets dried quickly.
  • Small & lightweight: This nail dryer has a small dimension and is portable to keep in the purse and bring anywhere – paint and dry your nails nicely without any trouble wherever you want.
  • USB cable system: This LED nail dryer comes with a USB interface. Attach the cable with the dryer and switch on the button to dehydrate your nail polish immediately.
  • No salon hassle: Feel comfortable using this LED nail dryer egg at your home as it’s fully safe and secure – no need to consume time and money in salon visits.

 How to use:

Secure the USB cable with a power source and attach its connector with the dryer’s port. The default time of the On/Off button is 45 seconds. The second time you press the button, the lights will stay on for 60 seconds. The lights will switch off on clicking the button for the third time.


Usage: Nail Drying Lamp


Type: LED Lamps

Power Source: Electric

Power: 6W

Plug Type: USB Interface Connector

Material: Plastic


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