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Silk Sleeping Mask For Rest Relaxing & Sleeping / Blindfold Eye Cover Sleeping Aid

Silk Sleeping Mask For Rest Relaxing & Sleeping / Blindfold Eye Cover Sleeping Aid

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Sleep is essential to being your best self ! After countless studies and research we all know it's whats needed to operate at 100%. We have a simple remedy for that !

The Silk Sleeping Mask 

Made With Authentic Silk 

The surface of our sleep mask is made of mulberry silk and lycra material, which is smooth and skin-friendly, and the inside is filled with memory foam, which is soft and comfortable.

3D Shading Effect

Our eye mask is designed with a 3D three-dimensional structure, and an adjustable light barrier design is added to the bridge of the nose, which fits the curve of the face in all directions, avoids light leakage, allows you can sleep well even you lie in the sun.

Zero Eye Pressure Design

Our eye mask uses 3D structure with zero pressure design, allowing you to easily open your eyes while wearing the eye mask, your eyes will not receive any pressure damage from our sleep mask, including your eyelashes.
Relaxed and comfortable, with zero burden on sleeping.


Our eye mask is designed with an adjustable buckle elastic band, which is suitable for people with a head circumference about 40cm-75cm (15.75-29.5inches)You don't have to worry about if it will strangle your head because the strap is too short

Warm tip: 
the eye mask should be washed by hand with neutral detergent. It is easy to be damaged after machine washing. It should be dried in the shade.

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