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NATFIRE NE3 Ear Cleaner High Precision Ear Wax Removal Tool with Bluetooth Camera LED Light Kit

NATFIRE NE3 Ear Cleaner High Precision Ear Wax Removal Tool with Bluetooth Camera LED Light Kit

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Ear wax is a naturally occurring substance produced by the glands in the ear canal. It plays an important role in protecting the ear by trapping dust, dirt, and other foreign particles, preventing them from reaching the sensitive parts of the ear. Normally, the ear's self-cleaning mechanism gradually moves the ear wax from the ear canal to the outer ear, where it can be easily wiped away.

However, in some cases, the ear's self-cleaning process may not work as effectively, leading to an accumulation of excess ear wax. This can cause discomfort and various symptoms, such as:

  1. Ear congestion and decreased hearing: Excessive ear wax can block the ear canal, leading to a sensation of fullness or congestion. This can also impair hearing by preventing sound waves from reaching the eardrum properly.

  2. Earache or pain: If ear wax becomes impacted or pushed against the eardrum, it can cause pain or discomfort in the affected ear.

  3. Tinnitus: A buildup of ear wax can sometimes lead to tinnitus, which is a ringing, buzzing, or other noise perception in the ears.

  4. Itching and odor: Excessive ear wax can cause itching in the ear canal and may sometimes emit an unpleasant odor.

In such situations, an ear wax remover becomes necessary to safely and effectively remove the excess ear wax. An ear wax remover is specifically designed to gently loosen and extract the accumulated wax from the ear canal, providing relief from the associated symptoms.

360° Wide Angle &1296P HD Image

The professional ear cleaner has 360°wide-angle professional grade lens which allows you to see the real-time images of tiny details inside your ear canal 360°. The endoscope improves clarity while removing the wax residue. It also enhances the accuracy of eliminating every single buildup to make your ears wax-free!

Easy to Use & Wide Compatibility

Scan QR code on manual , download and install the APP on your device, Press and hold the power button on top of device to turn on the ear cleaning rod and then connect WiFi(Name :HNDEC-xxxx) with your device .The APP works with all of Android smartphone / tablet and IOS iPhone / iPad.

Wide Range of Application

The product allow you not only check ear canal and clean earwax, help your family member do ear exam, but also check ear for your dog cat. It is also suitable for skin, nose and teeth examination and more. It's your good home helper.


Size: Standard Ear Care


Origin: Mainland China

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Model Number: NATFIRE NE3

Material: Soft PC

Item Type: Ear Care

Brand Name: NATFIRE


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