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Gold Chrome Polish Painting Nail Art Pen

Gold Chrome Polish Painting Nail Art Pen

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Utility, Style, On the Go !

The need for a quick touch up in a quick pinch is a situation we all tend to find ourselves in quite OFTEN. This beauty tool enables you to do just that ! Here we have a nail polish that does not need a UV lamp after use. 

Item: Gold Chrome Polish Painting Nail Art Pen

Volume: 8ml
-Small, easy to use on the go !

Color: Metallic Gold
-More colors available soon !

Quantity: 1pcs
-One easy to use piece for any occasion

  • MIRROR CHROME FINISH - This marker is made with water-based formula, anti-scratch, non-toxic, low-odor, waterproof, xylene-free. The highly pigmented unique ink provides a permanent high-gloss genuine mirror and a highly opaque appearance that a regular marker can never accomplish.
  • SMOOTH FLOW WRITING - Designed with innovative valve, so the ink flows smoothly without any pauses, leaks or bleeding.
  • PERMANENT-LAST INK - High gloss reflective chrome paint pens is scratch-resistant, UV-resistant, and weatherproof. Effectively prevent surface oxidation and provided a layer of protection against rust of objects
  • HIGH-COVERING FOR ANY SMOOTH SURFACES -Premium pigment paint in a convenient marker works on nearly any surface, both indoors and outdoors, including plastic, glass, metal, clay, foam, paper, and more.

Warm tips: For maximum shine, allow one layer to dry before coating on another. Do not touch your painted parts for at least 24 hours, it takes a while to dry and cure.

How to use:

1.Pen point is white when receiving the goods. (Normal)
2.Shake the pen holder until the fulid is mixed.
3.Press the pen point to exhaust when first using.
4.Push the pen point several times,wait for several seconds and then the color wiill come out.(Important)
5.Apply the color gel.
6.If there is floating gel on the nail surface, please wipe it off.
7.Draw pattern you want on your nail and wait it dry naturally.
8.Seal with top coat and cure.
9.Cover the cap immediately.

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